How We Do It


Submission of order requirements in the order form

The contact information including the phone number and email address are very important channels of communication and should be indicated. This facilitates our support team to interact with the customer when the order is being processed.

All information that pertains to the order must be indicated clearly as they are the guide to the writer when working on the task. Change of information when the order is in progress is not entertained.

 Go to payment stage

The urgency of the assignment as indicated in the order details comes in to effect on submission of payment. This is the time that the assigned writer can initiate the writing process. You are assured of the right service as per your order, otherwise, money back is a guarantee, and however, this is most unlikely. Sometimes the Billing departments require verification of identity. This is not a cause for alarm as billing address and order placement verification are intended to offer protection of both parties from potential fraudulent activities commonly conducted via internet. This serves as a confirmation that you have ordered for our services and any authorized purchase is within the knowledge of the client or the client’s representative.

 Check order confirmation from your e-mail and save the information for future reference

Our representatives will send the confirmation having vital information on your order and these answers any question that you may have. It will also direct you on how to contact our staff and the writer and directions of uploading extra resources. This email must be saved for future reference.

Log-in to your account and interact with your and company support staff

Instant communication and regular checking of messages in email are important to keep pace with any updates. Any message related to the order can be directed at any time to the writer and the writer on the other hand uses the same system to respond to any issue. In case your assignment has not been assigned to any writer, there is no cause for alarm since careful selection of the most appropriate writer for a particular assignment is our concern. We consider proficiency of the writer in the field you require, having adequate knowledge of the topic and readiness to cooperate with the customer. Any changes in assignment details must be resubmitted in good time. We offer a certain degree of flexibility on this but with limitations. Changes in volume, product, service or deadline may necessitate for additional payments from the customer.

In case the writer fails to respond immediately to your concern, there is no need to panic. The writer may be busy and can take some time to see your message as he researches on the assignment. But the response can hardly go beyond 24 hours unanswered. However, in case the order is urgent, the writer is instructed to constantly check on any message and a response can hardly go beyond 2 hours.

Download the competed assignment from the link given in your email

Upon expiry of the time you allocated your assignment, make sure to check your email. We usually send a notification on order completion and a link that you use to access the paper. In case the link has any problem in downloading the paper, we send your assignment as an attachment to your email.

Complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey and tell us your experience with our company

After checking your assignment, please tell us your feelings about the quality of services from us through the survey. Please indicate your level of satisfaction on the order you received from us. Use the paper with confidence and you are also allowed to make alterations through your writer within 14 calendar days after the deadline that you indicated in the order form. This revision is not charged if the original order details remains as given during ordering.